Anneta’s work highlights her background in architecture and propensity for art
relating to the sea. Her work includes a series depicting the human form within
forces of nature: water, wind, earth, and fire and a lot more.

A Galveston resident since 2008, Anneta was taught drawing and painting at an early
age at the School of Fine Arts in Ukraine and honed her skills by pursuing a degree in
Architecture. After arriving in the U.S. she has continued a path of creativity as a
free-lance artist, designer, painting instructor, and is currently the bar manager at
The Proletariat Gallery.

Her diversity in art extends from architectural to surrealism in mediums of pencil,
chalk, watercolor, and acrylic / oil painting.

Anneta would like to thank Elizabeth Punches ( local Galveston artist) for guidance
in developing her skills.

my works

My painting technique

In my work I'm exploring the relationship between human
and nature. I want my art to embrace the harmony of
those two forces. Most of my pieces are done with oils,
acrylics or watercolors and I am still learning and
exploring new techniques.

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Galveston TX 77551